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Shinjuku Kabukicho has the largest number of sex shops(FUZOKU) in Tokyo, and there are various types of shops such as Pink salon, Health, Delivery health. On the other hand, as a matter of course, there are fewer shops in Shibuya than in Kabukicho, Shinjuku. However, it is famous that the girl’s level is very high. It is said that there are many beauty girls and AV actresses in S class.

In particular, high-level girls are concentrated in Dogenzaka in the Shibuya area. Shibuya is reasonable compared to Shinjuku Kabukicho, and there is not much in store-type health, but it seems like it is dotted. So, when playing with S-class beauty and AV actresses in Tokyo, Shibuya will be a good spot. Then, it returns to the main subject, but it is a question of why cute girls and AV actresses gather in the Shibuya area, but there are three that can be considered as the factor.

1. For areas with many wealthy people.

The first reason that there are many S-class niece and AV actresses is because Shibuya is an area with many wealthy people. I think if you know who lives in Tokyo, Tokyo has a high rent anyway. The cost of rent increases as you live in the center of the city. Just living in Tokyo’s 5 wards (Chiyoda ward, Minato ward, Shibuya ward, Shinjuku ward, Chuo ward) would be a high status man. In short, rich people gather in the city of Shibuya, and most people have money.

Therefore, many of the sex shop in Shibuya are open for shops for the wealthy people, and high-end deli hell is the mainstream among them. There is a problem where high-end deli gel goes to high-end from where, basically it is good to think that over 60 minutes 30000 yen is a high-end store. So, high-class Delivery health will be scrutinized carefully in the shop, such as face, style, personality when adopting a girl. People who ask for high-end deli-gels are not just rich people, but they are often used by people who are not good enough to face the general public. These are celebrities like you see on TV, and presidents of large companies.

I can’t afford to get high money from these high-status people, and I don’t want to give them a busy woman, so the shop side is choosing a girl who is likely to be drowning at first glance.

In other words, the area where there are a lot of wealthy people = girls will be at a level commensurate with that.

2. Good access and location.

The next highest level of customs in Shibuya is because of good access and location. Shibuya is in the center of Tokyo, and various lines pass from Shibuya Station. If you get on the Yamanote Line, you can get access to most major places, and you can reach Shinjuku in about 20 minutes by train. In addition, it is an environment that is easy to go to as a sex club, as it is within an access range of 1 and 2 minutes on foot from the Shibuya Hachiko exit to Dogenzaka where there is a lot of store type health.

I want to work as a girl with good transportation, and I prefer places as close as possible to the store and the station. I can not spend 30 minutes or an hour commuting to work. So, there are a lot of sex clubs in Shibuya with good access and location conditions. Having a lot of gathering means that the shop side can afford to choose girls, so it will inevitably mean that pretty girls will remain.

3.There are many young girls in area.

Lastly, one of the reasons why there are many cute S-class children in Shibuya is that Shibuya is an area where many young children gather in the first place. When you look at people walking in the city of Shibuya, you often see college students and JK. It is probably because there are many apparel shops and spots that are at the cutting edge of fashion, including Shibuya 109, in addition to many schools around Shibuya.

Furthermore, it has become a town where young people naturally flow into clubs and entertainment offices. Naturally, young and fashionable children come to the sex shop in Shibuya that young children gather. The proof is that “Shibuya Heisei Girls Academy” is a school-based store with a concept of young girls, and the number of registered girls is over 100 with a girl in their teens to 20s.

Some of them are children of talented eggs and readers who belong to the performing arts office, so they may be in the sex shop in Shibuya. You can see that it is closely related to the level of girls.