What’s “Soapland”?

According to Japanese law,”no shop should offer sex”.But customers can have sex in the Soapland.Maybe you will feel strange, but Soapland is legal.Let’s explain it.

Soapland is a bathhouse and Soapland lend a private room with a bath to girls.The girl takes a bath with the customer and has sex.Girls and customers in a private room are free to do anything, there in no legal problem. It can be interpreted as having sex at the end of free love affair. Therefore, payment is divided into two times. The customer pays the entrance fee when entering the store at the beginning. Next, pay service fee to girls when entering the private room. The store does not hire a girl, but just lends a room, so the customer pays for the store and the girl. Although it may be a bit confusing, it is judged legal as the store does not offer sex.

Parameters of soapland change depending on the price. Service time, quality of service, age of girls, store decoration, drinks and tobacco are various grades. In these situations, customers may feel like the king or sometimes feel empty. There are various price settings depending on the store, but in many cases it is classified into three. That is, it is a Luxury shops, general shops, cheap shops.

Luxury shops( Koukyu-ten) are generally over 2 hours, luxurious store interior, rich service, young and beautiful girls. There is also a store that puts up luxury brandy on welcome drink. The total amount is about 70,000 to 100,000 yen.

The general store( Taisyu-ten) is about one and a half hours to two hours, the girls are moderate, the customer service is moderate, the service is moderate, the total amount is around 30,000 to 50,000 yen. It is the general store that gets a difference depending on the motivation of girls.

Cheap shop( Kakuyasu-ten) will be served within 30 minutes from 1 hour. Do not expect girls. It is like a fast food restaurant that can not be relaxed because it is a shop that emphasizes turnover. The total amount is around 15000 to 30000 yen. The customer must concentrate on ejaculation. In the worst case, sometimes you can not ejaculate without time.

According to the above three categories, shops that correspond to foreigners are general shops and cheap shops. Unfortunately there is no shop in a luxury shop that deals with foreigners. Please think with your budget, physical condition, motivation.

Standard services flow

1 You enter the store.

2 You pay the admission fee.

3 You choose your favorite girl from the photo file

4 You will be taken to the waiting room.

5 You wait for a girl in the waiting room. In the case of

6 Soon the girl will pick you up in the waiting room.

7 You enter a private room with a girl. Here you pay service fees to girls.

8 You and the girl take off your clothes and take a bath together.

9 Girls will wash your body.

10 You will have sex on Air Mat. Men are passive at this time of sex. (You may ejaculate here)

11 You and the girl will go to bed and take a break for 5-10 minutes.

12 You and the girl will have sex again in bed. At this time, the woman will become passive.

13 After you have sex you will leave the private room with your clothes on.

14 You leave the store.