What’s “Hoteheru”?

Hoteheru is a unique service in Japan.Simply put, it is a soapland that can not insert a penis.So how do we end it?Girls use every method to lead to ejaculation.That is, stimulate the penis, such as blowjob, whole body lip, handjob, oral launch.Girls are many young people.Also, It is a shop focused on ejaculation instead of being able to insert a penis.Hoteheru covers a narrow range(for examples, hotels around Shibuya only).The customer will go to the reception office, pick a girls in the picture, and wait at the designated nearly hotel.Sexual services are same as fashion health and deli.

Standard services flow

1 You go to reception of Hoteheru shop.

2 You will choose your favorite girl from pictures and play time.

3 You pay fee.

4 The shop staff will book your designated hotel and explain how to go hotel.He tells fee of hotel.

5 You will go to the hotel and tell your name to reception, and pay hotel’s fee.

6 When you enter hotel room, you tell Hoteheru shop your room number on the phone.

7 you wait in the hotel room.

8 The girl will come to the hotel room.

9 You take off your clothes and shower with the girls.

10 The girl will wash your body.

11 Here the girl plays blowjobs.

12 You and the girl will move to bed.

13 The girl stimulates and licks your body in the bed.Also stimulates your penis with a blowjob or handjob. It is caveat here, but inserting a penis into a girl is prohibited.If you force sex, the police may come.

14 When you ejaculate, the service is over.

15 You and the girl will take a shower again.

16 The girl leaves the room and returns.

17 You leave the room and return room key to reception.