Considering the use of adult entertainment in Japan by foreign tourists

I would like to think about the use of adult entertainment by foreign tourists.
If you ask whether foreign tourists want to use the sex industry in Japan or not, of course there are many who do.
However, many brothels do not accept foreigners. 80% to 90% of brothels do not accept foreigners.

However, if you search on the Internet, you can find some stores that accept foreigners. Before Corona, there was a store in Kabukicho, Shinjuku that specialized in foreign tourists.
I am not sure if it is open now.
The store was a receptionist type hotehel, and the receptionist was a foreigner who could speak English.

I talked to a friend of mine who works at a brothel, and he said that the girls want to make money, so there will be girls who are OK with foreigners. However, it really depends on the girl.
The other major issue is that the employees can’t speak English. Some stores will feel more comfortable offering their services if the foreigner can speak Japanese.

Also, in Japan, insertion is basically prohibited except in soapland. It is against the law.
I am sure that many foreign tourists who want to use sex services in Japan know that penetration is prohibited because they have researched it on the Internet.
However, there are some customers who take insertion for granted, and this is risky for the girl and the store.
It is natural to think that insertion is natural. In countries other than Japan, insertion is a service.

When we Japanese go abroad, it is possible to use the sex industry in most countries.
I myself have been to brothels in Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, etc., and sex is usually allowed. In other words, penetration is allowed.
I have been to brothels in Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, and other countries where sex is allowed. For foreign tourists who think that penetration is normal, they may wonder why.

However, that is one of the interesting things about Japanese adult entertainment culture. If penetration is prohibited, there are many stores that are willing to do interesting and erotic things with other services. There are also image clubs, cosplay clubs, and many other types of stores that cater to other elements.

There are so many different concepts, tricks, and services that there is no end to the list. However, I think that they can be largely divided into different genres. There are hand job stores, so called onakuras, pin salo, box health, hotehel, delivery health, and soapland. Recently, men’s beauty salons, tour stores, and reflexology have also emerged as new genres of adult entertainment.

I wonder if foreign tourists even know that such a genre exists in Japan.
Perhaps soapland is a place where you can have sex. I think the only thing they understand is that “deli-hel” and “hote-hel” are for blowjobs and not for sex. That’s about all they understand.
I also wonder if they can put up with deli-hel and hotel-hel where sex is not available. Will they be satisfied with the low price of a hand job store? I would like to ask these questions to foreign tourists.

That’s all for this time.
I would like to continue this discussion in the future.


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